Forklift training

Using a Forklift
and safety rules

Why classic training is inappropriate ?

Inadequate training for learners

Difficult to capture the attention of learners during traditional training.

The concentration and attention required to retain the information useful to do the job is often lacking.

Costly mobilization of equipment and personnel

By providing real forklift to the learners, you expose yourself to risks of degradation.

Immobilization also impacts your productivity.

Low impact of risk awareness

Speaking about risks and trying to educate its employees unfortunately often has small impact.

The reason is simple: the consequences of an accident are not fully measured.

Hidden costs of training

The professions with a lot of Turn-Over are particularly penalized.

The necessary investment does not provide rapid training, always accessible to newcomers.

What a forklift Simulation in virtual reality
brings to your organization ?

The learner becomes an actor in his training

Virtual reality teaches by practice. It is intended for any type of learner, regardless of the initial level of each.

It is universal, and makes it possible to erase differences in the way they learn and to retain information.

A virtual warehouse in permanent access

By using virtual reality as a training tool, you train your learners by practicing, while avoiding human incidents and property damage.

No need to immobilize expensive equipment and interrupt production to train!

Accident? Consequences!

Confront the learner with real situations and risks,
And show them the consequences of inappropriate behavior, without putting any risk on your teams.

The safety of all is no longer a simple rule, and becomes a mode of operation.

Your expertise, always available

With a training tool available at all times, your expertise and know-how also become.

In less than a year, make the most of your initial investment, with a considerable acceleration of your training path.

All-In-One Deployment

UNIVR helps you deploying VR simulations.

We study your material needs, according to your use (mobility, VR center, etc.). In function, we offer the most suitable hardware pack, including a computer + headset + accessories. Before delivery, we configure the material for you, so that it can be used as soon as it is received.

We also provide all the software tools needed to manage your VR installation.

Finally, we guide you during the deployment, and train your team to use this technology, to make you autonomous.

Once the implementation is complete, our support remains available for you, in case of unexpected!

Our VR training “Off-the-Shelf”

Fire safety


A virtual reality project? Any idea?

Let’s talk about it together. We have the gift of awakening your creativity!


UNIVR Studio develops virtual reality and training applications for companies since 2014. We guide you from the design of your project to its implementation in your company, on the software part as material.

Our teams are specialized in the use of virtual reality to facilitate the transmission of the knowledge of your organization.

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